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easy reefs ® freeze-dried microalgae - Resuspension instructions

easy reefs® are freeze-dried microalgae so they must be hydrated before being used. To obtain a correct hydration the following steps must be followed:

1st. -Put in the glass blender sea water as specified in the directions.
2nd.-Add the amount of easy reefs ® as specified in the directions
3rd.-Leave easy reefs ® microalgae to hydrate for one minute, with no mixing.
4th.-Blender with a gentle mixing for 1 minute.
5th.-Add to the aquarium.




* ONLY PREPARE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO USE. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO KEEP THE LEFT OVERS AFTER THE RESUSPENSION. Even though if it is kept in a refrigerator some nutritional properties would be lost due to oxidation.



Keep easy reefs ® in a cool, dry, dark place. Store below 25ºC. In summer air-cooled room is recommended if temperature is higher.

Once opened it is very important to keep the biomass in dry and dark conditions. Avoid storing it in wet rooms or at high humidity conditions, don’t keep it in the refrigerator (condensation on the flask is absorbed by the microalgae and they will degenerate). Maintain the flask closed. Once opened consume before 4 months.


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